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                 In China, herbs and formulas are learned by the  repetition of poems and rhymes.  In this way the right brain is          engaged, long term memory is considerably  enhanced, and the material learned with great  efficiency.

        If you are tired of the poor results of the  cramming method - which only utilizes the mind’s short term memory capacity - you will be amazed at  how well this works.    

        I have 188 California State Board herbs and the 63 California State Board herbal formulas put to music on  CD.    For the most part these are  my favorite rock’n’roll songs  from  the Beatles, the 60’s, & the King.   Most were  recorded with voice & guitar and a few on piano.   All herbal information is from the two Bensky texts, Materia Medica, and Formulas & Strategies, and is applicable to the National Licensing Exam as well.     The costs are as follows -

                                      188 State Board Herbs - 6 CDs   $75  (plus $7 shipping)                            
                                      63 State Board Formulas - 3 CDs  $37.50  (plus $7 shipping)                          
                                      77 additional herbal formulas - 3 CDs $37.50  (plus $7 shipping)
                                                    if you purchase both formula sets shipping is only $7.
                                                                       if you purchase all 12 CDs shipping is free


           In addition, the lyrics will be emailed to you upon receipt of your order.  I have found this to be the most efficient way to distribute the lyrics as copying and postage costs would otherwise be quite high.   To order send a check to:

                                                                 Tim Fuller
                                                                 581 Larsen Rd.
                                                                 Aptos, CA 95003

                                    for additional info email me, Tim Fuller, L.Ac. at 
                                                                  a strange brew production - copyright 2003

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